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Welcome to Physician's Notebooks -  August 2016
This is Notebooks' Homepage that introduces you, the reader, to a blog you may use for the rest of your life to help you achieve a happy, successful Healthy Longevity. If you happen to be a student who is hoping to enter university or graduate-school or medical or nursing school, you may want to use Notebooks to up scores on your tests. But beyond that, Notebooks is also for everyone who desires, first, a happy life and, within that context, a long life. 

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                  (TOC) Table of Contents

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         Physician's Notebooks 1 has much non medical and life advice.
  1.1 Read Well/Admire Art

  1.2 Writing (Good advice that comes from 80 years at it)

  • 1.3 Foreign Travel Tips (Very useful hands-on experience)
  • 1.4 Japan - C'mon a My House (From Dr Stim, an 83-year-old Tokyo expatriate)
  • 1.5 New York City for New Traveler (From Dr Stim, a native New Yorker)

  • The Other Works Slim Novels 1 to 18.
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